The Betting Business

We help you to open a gaming platform with complete system management and operational control.

White Label
Speed. Flexibility

You get a platform that is easy to work with, thanks to its flexibility, simplicity and speed. With this platform, you can have a license or sub-license (global and/or local). We take care of risks, management and support whilst providing innovative products. You get a reliable, ready-made platform that will help your business to succeed.

Reliable. Secure.

We provide a convenient and reliable platform which can be used with your existing license. It comes with easy integration, risk protection, and comprehensive support. Our platform is multilingual, secure, customizable and attractive to your players, as well as benefitting from multi-currency support. Put your ideas into the hands of our experts and we will implement them to enhance your success.

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What you get

We are here to blast your business off! Have a look at this:

  • Cashier System Integration

  • High End Custom Design

  • Increasing games library

  • Technical and Business Support

  • High Performance Equipment

  • Easy Integration

  • Advanced reports and statistics

  • Display showing live odds

  • Full offer of pre-match and live odds

  • A wide range of third-party products


Stages to Experience

We’re here to help your business blast off!

1. Documentation

The signing of documentation such as NDA, DD form, Client Contract.

2. Node Generation

Partner Setup, ID, Token Authentification and Port Connection Setup.

3. Integration

Feed API Integration along with our technical support team and testing data delivery.

4. Streaming

Continuous data delivery with accurate bet settlement during the matches. You are set to go!

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