Slick Experience

We believe everyone deserves to work on products that will be used, enjoyed and loved – sports, iGaming products that matter. Truly excellent iGaming Products are a team effort. They require trust and transparency, curiosity and creativity. It’s our mission to help product leaders across the globe cultivate these values in their organizations, and we’ve adopted them as well. With Slick Experience, every provider or bookmaker can make things that matter – together.




We rely on our teammates’ curiosity to understand the deepest needs of our customers. We always ask WHY?

We make sure we understand our objectives and we strive to work on things that matter the most. We speak up when we feel otherwise.

We are creative and we seek inspiration from the best in any and all fields. We come up with several options and we test and iterate until we hit our goals.

We appreciate both the functional and emotional aspects of our design. We focus on simplicity. We seek meaningful connections with our users.

We relentlessly innovate and improve our tools, processes, and organization.

We all have access to the company’s business metrics. We celebrate our progress and we learn from our setbacks.

We work together as a team, leveraging each other’s expertise and experience, regardless of where in the world each of us may be.


iGaming Experience

A UX/UI company that envisions to ‘put iGaming Designs on the world map’ as a digital design with betting destination. We’re a tightly knit, experienced team of UX researchers, UX and UI designers and iGaming developers who enjoy crafting brilliance and great gambling solutions. Our innovative tech-driven processes blend efficiency that drives value to your betting business. Driven by factual research we craft progressive yet empathetic igaming solutions, we settle for nothing less!

We create designs to inspire and attract.

Top Notch Technologies

We believe you deserve the latest high-tech solutions (powerful API integration, high-performing servers, certified RNG, HTML5) packed with simplicity.


Multilingual User Interface (MUI), our technology provides user localized user interface for our globalized applications and user interface management.


Over 20+ Payment System integrated for global coverage. Ensure the smooth operation of your betting and casino modules.

Low Risks

Our team is available to support you 24/7/365. We’ll give you instant answers to help you resolve any technical issues and prompt responses to any queries.

Reliable Updates

We integrate digital technologies to everyday life and business both for business growth and ecological concerns as a socially responsible company!

Omni Channel

Our online solutions are coming with a simplified layout and are completely adapted for slow internet connection.